Everybody has the right to read

Library Access

People around the world, young, old and from any background have the right to read.
What is missing in many places in the world is access to a library, access to books.
Reading is fundamental for the development of a child and furthermore in live.
Children books, art books, history books, books about culture, science, music, books with a spiritual meaning, any subject is beneficial to aid people in growing.

By getting the community to building and maintain the library, people will be more involved which creates a greater chance of succes.
Small book clubs can be formed where people will be able to share the books.
Reading in a group can also create a way to learn how to pronounce the words in a different language.

Through different channels, like Creative Outdoor, the library will be filled with books on all subjects. Another way will be, by asking travellers to donate books when they travel to Nepal. In Kathmandu at several restaurants and hostels there will be donation points. After that the books will be taken to the right place. The Library in Prasauni.

Next to reading books for fun there is a great need for reading book for the classes.

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The Library - Prasauni, Nawalparasi, Nepal

Version 2

Three Gyanodaya Secondary School

Three Gyanodaya Secondary School was established in 1956.
The former name of the school was Nilgung Rayamgi, till 1979,
named after the person who provided the land it is build on and is
situated in the Madyabindu Municipality (Mid Point), Prasauni (Harbastar).
The school is running classes from nursery to class twelve.
Starting from age 5 up to 18 years old.

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