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Local Women's Handicrafts

In 2010 Nasreen founded “Local Women’s Handicrafts” with her brother and younger sister; Local women focused on Empower disadvantaged women in Nepal. Nasreen comes from a remote village on the border of India and Nepal where woman have very little rights and livevery disadvantaged lives. When she was 12 years old she was able to escape from the oppressive circumstances she was born into. She came to Kathmandu where she learned and worked as a laborer making clothing and accessories for large export companies. Nasreen would work 10-14 hours for no more than five dollars a day. Nasreen was fortunate enough to meet an American teacher living in Nepal who gave her a free education.

Nasreen Sheikh

The women who work at LWH

Each woman who participates in LWH goes through a training program for 6 to 12 months.  Women have a choice of which skills they want to pursue. These skills include but not limited todesign, sewing, weaving, embroidery, knitting, jewelry making and pattern work. While in training each woman receives a stipend and hopefully a sponsor to help live during their time there.

Through a dedicated and passionate team LWH has been able to establish a safe community which have trained and employed hundreds ofwomen. With these new skills, a stipend and 12 months in a safe community, they are able to take the next steps necessary to progress in their lives.



  •  To complete the LWH eco facility in Goldhunga Nepal.
  • Establish a social business partnership with other local Nepali entrepreneurs.
  • Spread awareness about fair trade principles.
  • Empower 10,000 marginalized women by 2020.

LWH is in need of

Local women looking for people who are very passionate about our work who can feel joy, action, integrity, sustainability and creativity to participate on fallowing roles.

    • International wholesale Administrator.
    • International Marketing Administrator.

By joining this team work you will get paid please contact further to know how it works Email:localwomenshandicrafts@gmail.com



Donate one or several Sanitary Pads – Kits to women in need in rural areas in Nepal

The monthly period regularly stops women in Nepal’s rural areas to participate in normal life or their work. Using only cotton wrappers, they feel unsafe to leave their houses and hide away until their period is finished.